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Window with blinds between the glass allow you total control of the amount of privacy you want. While conventional sliding glass doors adds aesthetic appeal to a home or a building and DES Blinds bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, they also increase the dwellers’ privacy.

DES Blinds are the perfect answer. DES enclosed blinds allow freedom to control the level of privacy you wish, whether completely open, in between or fully closed.

Experience Peace and Tranquility

The double layer enclosed, tempered glass window works as an insulator to reduce external noise to a certain degree. At work, DES Blinds makes the environment a favourable one to focus and deliver better performance.

You can also enjoy the benefits of DES Blinds at home as you will come home to a quieter ambience, providing you with the peace of mind you need at the end of a long day.

Perfect Throughout the Year

No need for multiple layers of bulky curtains anymore. Whether you want your ambience bright and cheery or dark and relaxing, just adjust the slats with the magnetic controller provided.

Being able to adjust the amount of light that is coming in means you also control the amount of damage caused by UV rays in your home. UV rays result in fading of fabric and discolouration of surfaces such as walls and floor.

DES Blinds are useful both in summer and winter. Closing the blinds in summer helps to keep the indoors cool, while in winter the enclosed blinds conserve heat.

Longer Lasting than Conventional Blinds

DES Blinds have a longer lifespan compared to conventional blinds as the two layers of tempered glass enclosing the blinds act as a protection against damage caused by UV rays.

Since there are no dangling cords there will be no broken cords and extra costs for replacing the cords.

Thick, heavy curtains that take up space are no longer necessary to keep the sun’s glare and heat out. Our easily operated enclosed DES Blinds enhances the look of a home or office, making the interiors and exteriors appear professional and sophisticated. Since the operating mechanisms are hidden, the controls appear neat and tidy.

DES enclosed blinds are weather-cycle tested to ensure no moisture and humidity penetrates and damages the blinds, thus lengthening the life of the blinds.

Engineered with Child and Pet Friendly Safety Features

We understand the importance of safe blinds especially when it comes to children and pets. Anyone who had to untangle the dangling cords of blinds will tell you how frustrating it is. DES Blinds are free from dangling cords that may cause harm to children and pets. Our blinds have magnetically operated controls that are located on the jamb of door or window.

The enclosed slats will also prevent children’s hands or pets from being caught in between the slats.

Our blinds use tempered glass which is stronger than the regular type of glass. This means the glass does not crack easily if knocked accidentally.